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How to Sync project code between AEM and Eclipse?

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

1. Install AEM Developer Tools from Eclipse Marketplace.

2. Convert modules such as ui.apps and ui.content to "Content Project". This can be done by right clicking on the module folder -> Configure -> Convert to Content Project. Similarly, convert core module to "Bundle Project".

3. Create a server configuration: Follow the video to create a server configuration.

4. Update the details in server configuration to match your AEM local instance. [Publish Modify Settings-> I personally set this to "Never Publish Automatically"]

5. Update the root directory for all modules marked as "Content Project".

Thats it! Let's put this to test...(Ensure your AEM Instance is up before you start testing 🤪)

In case you have any questions, please use the comment section below ⬇️


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